About Farm First USA

I have had a passion for natural healing since a young girl, when I listened to my Grandma tell stories about neighbors coming to her home in Ireland for lotions and potions to help with any little ailment they had. She used her wisdom and knowledge of plants, herbs and bicarbonate of soda to help people live their healthiest lives. This was how my Mother raised me too, always looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals to heal, which then created a fire within me to learn and understand the body and what the planet had to offer to help others live a healthy life.

I have worked within the natural industry for over 13 years, earned my A.C.N., and trained and educated Practitioners on how to effectively use herbs and nutrition with their patients to increase their chances of living a healthier life. We worked with a little indigestion right through to extreme cases. I loved it but always thought there was another way I could impact more people. So, I delved into my knowledge and created my own line of pure products, addressing some of the core issues patients suffer from today.

  • Pain is all too prevalent, too many people live in continual pain with no quality of life.
  • Sleep is a crucial component of a healthy functioning life, yet half the country isn’t getting any.
  • Energy depletion, looking at how much Starbucks and Red Bull sold we know this is an epidemic.
  • Anxiety, all too may patients suffer with different degrees of  worry, stress and anxiousness.

    We need sound easy solutions!
    As a single Mother of an incredible son, I decided, with his encouragement, to create Farm First USA. I wanted to source the cleanest, freshest, purest ingredients, from a sustainable, organic, non-GMO farm, to create some solutions. Farm First USA was born. 
    Professional grade products to Practitioners to help their patients.
    It has been a long road to creation but I am proud to launch this line. Always wishing you the healthiest version of yourself. God Bless.

Our Mission

At Farm First USA, our mission is to transform lives by alleviating discomfort and enhancing well-being. We are dedicated to formulating innovative solutions that empower individuals to manage and conquer pain effectively, enabling them to fully engage in their passions and pursuits. Through rigorous research, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to always finding a natural solution, we strive to develop a diverse range of pain products for individual needsl.

Always organic and non-GMO, we create products that not only provide relief but also improve the overall quality of life. With empathy and understanding, we aim to give hope to those who seek a life free from limitations imposed by pain.



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